Q U A L I T Y  W A R E H O U S I N G  F O C U S E D  O N  H I G H  V A L U E  G O O D S

ECW Logistics warehouse and transloading services have been designed for your total warehousing and transloading needs!

Wherever you are located, ECW Logistics warehouses provide the optimal distribution network for your inventory..

Our locations gives us all the space we need for professional warehousing and guarantee a fast and efficient handling. We operate several fork lifts up to 7,5 tons and two 16 Tons cranes with a total lifting capacity of 32 tons. We can easily handle and store any sea container.

Each warehouse is serviced by a range of the very latest equipment, including articulated and ‘man-up’ fork lift trucks for the rapid movement of goods. ‘Paperless’ warehouses use a range of sophisticated bar coding and tracking systems that are able to give full pallet traceability and manage large scale case picking operations.

ECW uses the newest technology. With our app for cargo photo-tracking we make photo’s of arriving cargo, which are immediately integrated in our files.